The Road Home…

is the longest!   It seemed that we drove forever.   We left Daingerfield Park, TX at 9:30 am.   We drove all the way across Texas and stopped in Amarillo for a burger from Whataburger.  Chris told us that we had to eat there because Whataburger was started in Texas.   I will suffice […]

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Lake Swim!

On our last full day in Daingerfield we all decided to spend some time in the lake.   We floated around, played with the boys, and jumped off the swim platform. Overall it was a nice relaxing day. We enjoyed hamburgers and chicken that Keith and Chris grilled up for a yummy dinner.    Once […]

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More TEXAS fun!

We had two full days of camping in Daingerfield State Park.  I am glad we did.   The first day we went to the little town of Jefferson, TX.   Keith was told by a fellow camper that Jefferson, TX had a lot of antique stores so we decided that would be a fun trip […]

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Texas Fun!

Since Keith and I are early risers we were able to take a walk through Daingerfield early in the morning.  We were blessed with the amazing beauty of nature. Keith laughs at me when I take pictures of plants but I see such beauty in them.   Just look at the contrast of the green […]

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Off the trail!

Well good morning to you!   We had a good sleep in a quiet camp ground in Kansas and when we looked at the map for the day we realized there is a little town called Fort Smith  within 25 miles east of us.  It so happened that Fort Smith was in Arkansas, so we […]

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Kansas one nighter!

Just a quick blip!  We are headed to Daingerfield State Park to camp with a branch from the Machin family tree.   But of course it is a few states away.   We enjoyed a nice drive through Nebraska, which we stopped at three different Starbucks, looking for the Been There coffee cups, to no […]

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Tulsa, Oklahoma! MOM & DAD

We left Sioux Falls and headed to Oklahoma. We went through Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas on our way to Bixby, Oklahoma to see my mom and dad.   They recently moved from California to Bixby and are living in an apartment while their new house is being built.  We did get to go by and […]

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