Time to Mosey On!


The day has arrived for us to leave our beautiful camp site in Custer, SD.    We are headed to Sioux Falls for one night.   I have referred to my wonderful books of  “Off The Beaten Path” and “Most Scenic Drives.”  and there is a place called Wall Drugs.  It was opened in the 1930’s at the height of the depression.

“Wall used to be known by locals as “the geographical center of nowhere.” But that was before Ted Hustead came along.   Ted was a Nebraska native who opened a tiny drug store in Wall in 1931. Five years later it was still a tiny drug store. Dorothy, Ted’s wife, thought that the people driving past must be thirsty, and suggested that Ted put up a sign on the highway advertising free ice water at Wall Drug. It sounded silly — at the time every drug store gave away free ice water — but Ted put up the sign anyway. By the time that he got back, thirsty tourists were lining up for their free ice water. They’ve been stopping ever since.”   I took this information from Roadside America’s Team Review of Wall Drug.”

This was a fun little stop. If you happen to drive I-90 in South Dakota you will see the signs pointing the way.  They are pretty funny.  If you don’t see the signs then you need to stop driving because you are obviously BLIND!

Once we got there, Keith realized that the water pump on Wander was not working and it would need to be replaced.  Since he is my “McGyver” he of course has a new water pump on board.  Sadly he did not have the right bit for his thingamabob to unscrew it so he asked me to go find the hardware section of Wall Drugs and see if I could get him the right bit.   Being the sweet loving wife I am I start walking.  Mind you it is  95 degrees with 75% humidity, but I go.   Then I find out that Wall does not have a hardware section per say, but the kind lady directs me to the ACE Hardware “down at the end of the street.”   I say thank you kindly and head down the street.   Ok, so down the street was a mile away down the street but whatever, at least I was getting my steps in for the day.   I did find the bit needed and some extra fuses that were requested.   Walked back to Wander, and Keith says,   “well it was just something loose so I jiggled it a bit and now the pump is working, but thanks for getting everything.”   REALLY!?   After all of that we toured parts of the store.   It was fun but quick because it was so hot and we did not want to leave the animals in the RV for too long.  We did have the generator running with the air conditioner but it was still quite hot.    Check out the creepy lady Keith sat with at Wall Drug.  IMG_1016 2


As we moved on down the road  we found some interesting sites along the way.

As we traveled on the scenic by ways we found so many different things to stop and view.   We came across a place called 1800 Town.  It was really neat to see all the old buildings from around the area that had been moved to this little plot of land to preserve them for people to visit.   We enjoyed a horse drawn carriage ride around the town.   The driver was a bit of a character, dressed in period clothing and full of snarky little comments and stories about his life in the 1800’s.

“South Dakota’s Original 1880 TOWN has more than 30 buildings from the 1880 to 1920 era, authentically furnished with thousands of relics, historical accounts and photographs, a Casey Tibbs exhibit, Dances with Wolves movie props… Walk down Main Street of this 1880 town and explore ….”  Information came from Road Trippers web site.

One thing I thought was really funny was the sign in the outhouse that said use red cob first and there were red and yellow corn cobs sitting on the bench.  I can only assume these were for taking care of business.   Too funny.

We finally reached our over night destination of Jelly Stone Park in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.   This was a fun little KOA.   If you are a family with children this would be a great destination for vacation.

We set up camp just in time for the moon rise and to my great surprise and for the first time ever, we were graced with a show by the fire flies.    Of course I was never fast enough with my shot to get them on camera, shy little buggers!    Enjoy the moon rise and we will catch you on the flip side.

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