Tulsa, Oklahoma! MOM & DAD

We left Sioux Falls and headed to Oklahoma. We went through Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas on our way to Bixby, Oklahoma to see my mom and dad.   They recently moved from California to Bixby and are living in an apartment while their new house is being built.  We did get to go by and see the new house.   It is going to be beautiful.  The colors are great and I love the brick work.   There is tile wood look flooring and the neighborhood looks to be very nice as well.   There is a lot of new building going on in Bixby.

We had reservations at Cherry Hill Mobile/RV Park.   We researched all of our camp spots months before we left and I had Dad go by this one to double check.   Well, we pulled up to Cherry Hill, looked at each other and said NO WAY!   We drove the loop to get back to the exit and called Dad to come lead us to their apartment so we could look for somewhere to stay for four nights.   I read reviews on this spot before booking and they were good.   I read YELP reviews at my folks and there were several bad.   One saying that when they stayed they had their RV broken into and all their stuff stolen.   So glad we did not stay there.   So the hunt was on, we found a place, Tulsa RV Park.   Reviews online were very good.  Pictures were good as well but we had learned the hard way that pictures are not always correct.  So with high hopes we went to Tulsa RV Park.   It was pushing 7pm and we needed to get set up.   We drove up and found that it was nothing like it was presented online, once again.   It looks as if the RV part of the park has been changed to a junk yard.   So many smashed cars and a sign that says Pic A Part.   The place was run down.  I will say that the “camp host” was very nice.  She gave us a spot and we stayed one night.   Neither of us slept due to being worried about where we were.   One good thing, they had a bar on site with live music so we went and had a drink and then went back to the RV, albeit, a little worried that for the short time we were gone anything could have happened.


The following morning we drove back to the apartment, parked outside and turned on the air conditioner for the cat.   We then went to breakfast with Mom and Dad.  I think all four of us were a little frazzled.  The heat was off the charts due mostly to humidity.   Then Dad was kind enough to drive us to the Camping World in Tulsa.   We stayed in their parking lot for two of the four nights we were to be in Tulsa.   The first night we were the only ones there.  Slept a little better but still a bit nerve racking.  The second night there were four others camping in the parking lot.   That says a lot about Tulsa being RV friendly.   We talked to several people and they told us the Tulsa does not allow people to open RV parks.   No reasons why other than they won’t give permits for them.   Maybe Tulsa should rethink that.



4V6ZUQBWQoePmiB7cv9AawBixby was a good place for us to stock up on things like water, food and shockingly, some clothing for me.   I packed one pair of shorts  for this trip, not realizing that I would be in high heat!    Dad, was kind enough to push me around on the shopping cart at Costco.

Mom and I had a few days of mommy and me time and we had a birthday celebration with Aunt Ann, who lives in Tulsa.   It was tough to say good bye to Mom but nice to be back on the road.   I can’t wait to go back and visit when they are in their new home, but most likely I will fly in for the visit as there are literally no RV camp sites in Tulsa.

Well on to the next stop.   Already miss my mom.


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