Off the trail!

Well good morning to you!   We had a good sleep in a quiet camp ground in Kansas and when we looked at the map for the day we realized there is a little town called Fort Smith  within 25 miles east of us.  It so happened that Fort Smith was in Arkansas, so we could possibly pick up another wonderful Starbucks coffee cup as well as hitting up the antique stores.

Once we arrived in Fort Smith not only did we find that the old town was not so little, it was also pretty much closed down for the Fourth of July Celebrations!  Here is a little history on Fort Smith.   “It is the second largest city in Arkansas and one of the two county seats of Sebastian County.   According to the 2010 Census the population was 87,443.   Fort Smith was founded in 1817.”  This information was found on wikipedia.

It was fun to go through the town and see the old buildings.  Boy, I will tell you, some of the old houses were so beautiful.   To me that would be the ultimate dream to fix up and live in one of them.   But alas, that it not to be.   I love my current home and unless I can pick it up and move it and the yards, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

Most importantly, I was able to find a Starbucks and I now have an Arkansas coffee mug to add to the collection.   Lucky me!

I have to say that a majority of the country we have seen since we left California has been beautifully lush and green.   I don’t imagine that has anything to do with the high humidity.   HAHA.

Due to our meandering ways we arrived in Texas a bit later than expected so we had to rush a bit to get dinner and go see fireworks with the  kids.   The fireworks were great.   We found a town called Pittsburg which was about 15 to 20 minutes from Daingerfield State Park.   Home base for the next four days.

The pictures of the family enjoying the show and watching Jackie Boy’s excitement was the best.   I had to chuckle with Ben because while we were waiting for the show to start he was asking “when’s it going to start, whens it going to start?”   then within minutes of the start it was “when’s the finally, when’s the finally?”    The attention span of a seven year old.    Love this family of mine so much, it’s hard that they live three states away.

After the show it was off the bed.   Catch you all on the flip side.

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