More TEXAS fun!

We had two full days of camping in Daingerfield State Park.  I am glad we did.   The first day we went to the little town of Jefferson, TX.   Keith was told by a fellow camper that Jefferson, TX had a lot of antique stores so we decided that would be a fun trip to take.

A little history on this town was gleaned from searching the net. It was a major river port to the West for products and immigrants. Jefferson became a port of entry into the Republic of Texas and then the State of Texas. It was also a major shipping port for those who wished to sell agricultural products, especially cotton.

Why I did not take the camera I don’t know, but I did take the phone.   As we walk through the door of  the first antique store, or should I say creepy house packed with so much stuff it would take a week to look at it all, we were greeted with a gentleman sitting on a church pew. He stood about to my shoulder and I am 5’7”.   I would say he was pushing 80, at least.   Anyway, he said for us to enjoy our walk.   As we went past a door in the back of the house, it opened.   I was on the far side of the door and thought someone was coming through, nope, no one was there!  The door just opened!    Now I was totally creeped out and Chris and Keith thought it was funny.   Keith tried to justify this event by saying a draft pushed the door open but I was having none of it.   I wanted to leave.   Of course all the boys wanted to continue the tour of this creepy place so we did.   There was some pretty interesting stuff but the only thing we even considered buying was a roll of toilet paper with a wrapper that said “Tough enough for John Wayne.”   We thought it would be a cool item for a bathroom decoration.   So Keith asked the man at the door and he says “Well, many years back, my friend gave that to me.   So I guess I better keep it.”   When he said that my thought was, “is anything for sale or is this guy just a nutty old man who lets people walk through the house?”    Guess I will never know because we left after that.

As we went down the street we came across some other shops and we were enjoying our little outing.   We noticed some people standing on all four corners holding signs that said BETO for Senate.   We then noticed a police presence at one of the restaurant.   I asked one of the people with a placard what was going on and they said that Ted Cruz was speaking in the restaurant across the street.  That was pretty cool to me so Keith and I went to listen in.   It’s not every day you get to see a politician stumping for votes in a small town.   So whether you are a Cruz fan or not here are some pictures of that event.

Once he was done talking we headed out to find some lunch, since this place was obviously packed.   After we finished lunch, we of course went to find some ice cream for dessert.   Then it was time to go back to camp.   Overall, we had a fun time.

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