Texas Fun!


Since Keith and I are early risers we were able to take a walk through Daingerfield early in the morning.  We were blessed with the amazing beauty of nature.

Keith laughs at me when I take pictures of plants but I see such beauty in them.   Just look at the contrast of the green leaves with one red leaf!  The lily pads were so beautiful!   The way the tree fell and bares its roots for all the world to see, just amazing.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Now for the various critters I was able to catch.

The big critter was lurking behind us as we walked and I just felt someone watching us.  I turned around to see Benny, our youngest grandson standing with his bike by a tree.  I told Keith look out we have a creeper stalking us.   LOL   Ben enjoyed riding the trails and it was a treat to see him out and about in the morning.


Of course with the amazing beauty comes some ugly looking bugs that are beautiful in their own right. For those who don’t know what bug this is, it is a Cicada.   According to the information I found about them they area a superfamily of insects.  They are in the suborder Auchenorrhyncha, as well as jumping bugs such as leafhoppers and frog hoppers.   Cicada’s are active underground with tunneling and feeding.  They do not hibernate. After 2 to 17 years they emerge from the ground as nymphs.   The nymphs climb the nearest tree and begin to shed their nymph exoskeleton.   This picture is of a nymph climbing the tree.

Now that you have seen this interesting character let me tell you a little story….So Keith being the wonderful and thoughtful husband he is, gets Benny to take one of these off the tree and bring it to me in the RV.  Which of course, I gave the desired response of a scream and me yelling at Ben to get it out, NOW! Thankfully, Abby was there to reinforce my desire to have the bug removed from my view.   MEN AND BOYS!

Later in the morning, I came into the RV to find Khali the cat playing with something in the corner of the bedroom, on top of the bed.   I figured she had caught a moth or fly so I left her to play.   I went back outside with my glass of water.   Keith got up to get something out of the RV and all of a sudden he yells….WHAT THE HELL!   I said “what’s wrong!”   “There was a bird in the RV! ”   Khali had it trapped on the bed and when Keith went in it was enough of a distraction for the bird to get away and take off to the front of the RV with Khali in hot pursuit.    I ran in and shooed the cat away.   We were able to get the bird out safely through the front drivers door.  Our big question is, how the heck did it get in?    For those who have known me for a few years, you may know the story about the duck that flew into my house through the back door.   I was told then that it is good luck to have a bird fly into your home, so I guess Keith and I have some very good luck.

Thankfully, the bird recovered after sitting outside the RV for a bit.  Or I assume it recovered because it was gone later.   Poor birdy!    Never a dull moment when we travel.


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