Lake Swim!

On our last full day in Daingerfield we all decided to spend some time in the lake.   We floated around, played with the boys, and jumped off the swim platform. Overall it was a nice relaxing day.

We enjoyed hamburgers and chicken that Keith and Chris grilled up for a yummy dinner.    Once it got dark, Keith and Chris were sitting out having a nice visit, Abby and the boys were at their camp sight and I was relaxing in the cool of the RV.   I was almost asleep when Keith and Chris come barreling in to grab the camera and a flash light.  I was startled and asked what was going on.   Keith said, there is something out at the fire pit and all they could see was eyes glowing.   So my mind immediately went to the horror movies in the world and I was certain the three of us were done for.   Thankfully we lived.   Here are some pictures of the horrid little monsters that come alive in the night.

Terrifying little buggers, aren’t they?   We are not sure what kind of cat they are because they have ears that stand pretty straight up and get wide at the bottom.  The markings are not that of a domestic house tabby and the tail is too long for a bob cat kitten.   We asked the ranger the next day and he was not sure what they were either.   They did not appear to be kittens but rather adult cats.  Anyone have any ideas?    They did chase off a raccoon who was bigger that three of them put together and they have a growl not a hiss or meow.   They loved the bread crumbs though.     Oh and the raccoon that was chased of made an appearance later by slyly slipping under the RV to grab the trash bag Keith had behind his chair to throw away before bed.   All of a sudden Keith and Chris hear this noise and see the raccoon trying to get away with a 13 gal trash bag.    Apparently our camp site is very busy.   We would have missed this but for Chris and Keith visiting, because we are generally in bed early.   This was around 10:30pm

We pack up and head toward home tomorrow!

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