The Road Home…

is the longest!   It seemed that we drove forever.   We left Daingerfield Park, TX at 9:30 am.   We drove all the way across Texas and stopped in Amarillo for a burger from Whataburger.  Chris told us that we had to eat there because Whataburger was started in Texas.   I will suffice to say, the burgers were breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Keith said that that burger he had at Whataburger in Oklahoma was better.   The ones in Texas had a lot of salt.  But the shakes were awesome!    While I was in getting the burgers, Keith was doing the once over of Wander and the trailer.   He found that the tires on the trailer were about to blow!   We bought these tires three days before the trip.   Keith had noticed in South Dakota that they looked like they were wearing wrong so he changed the air pressure.   Apparently that was not the problem.   So now they are so bad we are afraid to go any farther without getting new ones.   The big problem is, it is 5:30pm on a  Saturday afternoon.  So we went to the Walmart tire center that happened to be in the same parking lot.   This young guy comes out, looks at the tire, goes back in and tells Keith he only has one, but he knows there is a tire store down the road called “Big Papa’s.”   So we head down the street in the direction we were told.   We found “Big Papa’s”  and they say “sorry we don’t have the tires you need…” so once again we are heading down another road to take us back to the I40 to head to a camp ground near by and figure out our next step.    As we are heading to the I40 we spy another Walmart, by now it is 7:05pm.   They are closed but a lady who works there says “they will be able to order you tires on Monday.” Then she smiles.   While I appreciate the smile and the help, I do not really want to sit around Amarillo until MONDAY.    Finally we head to a camp ground only to be told, sorry we only have a back in.   If we took the trailer of the RV we could stay.  But since the stand for the trailer was taken out due to a ditch in the road on THE FIRST DAY OF THE TRIP, we could not unhook.    We made the choice to find another spot, Amarillo has a million camp ground on the I40.   Now mind you, this is considered a holiday weekend…so even though there are a million camp grounds, THEY ARE ALL FULL!

We have no choice at this point but to keep heading west on the I40, all the while we are driving at 50mph with flashers on, trying to find tires and a campground.   I turned to Facebook and pleaded for help from anyone who could help me search as we drove.   I had several friends offer ideas and thank you to Pete for telling me to call Flying J in Tucumcari, NM.   I called them and they had the tires we needed.  Thankfully they were open until 11PM and we had gained an hour because we changed time zones.    The boys there were awesome!   I will be writing a letter to the company to tell the big bosses just how awesome.    So now it is 11:15pm and the trailer has new tires, time to find a camp spot for the night.    We headed to Santa Rosa, NM.   We found a great spot at the KOA Santa Rosa, for one night.

When we woke up in the morning we were even more ready to get home.   It has been a long trip.   We drove to Route 66 Casino in New Mexico, only a short hop of about 220 miles.   We set up, did some laundry, went swimming and had a fantastic dinner in the Thunder Road Steak House and Cantina!   OMG, can I just say that I had the best meal the entire trip.   It was bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with mushroom, bell peppers, and onions, and cheese.  Just thinking about it, I want to have that right now as I type.   Keith had a nice steak.    The waiter was awesome and very polite.   Great service!   I highly recommend not only the steak house but the RV Park!   Super clean, shuttle services, well mannered people.   Anyway, after a great evening we hit the sack as we had a drive to Williams coming up fast.

We got up and headed to Williams, AZ.  We have stayed that the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in the past and new it would be a good stopping point for the night.   When we pulled up, there was a group standing outside their RVs chatting and all we hear is “there goes the neighborhood.”   The people staying all around us were originally from California but retired to Arizona.   One gentleman, as it turned out works for the same company as my dad for 35 years.   The world is a small place.   We set up, visited with the neighbors and then hit the sack.

The day has arrived!  We are going to sleep in our big bed tonight.    This was an amazing trip and we loved it.    Khali the cat and Tiyger the dog both survived the great adventure and with 4400 miles under our belts we are glad to be home.   I hope you all have enjoyed out blog, if not oh well.  LOL   We will be tripping again for Labor Day so until then, happy trails to you!

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