Time to Mosey On!

  The day has arrived for us to leave our beautiful camp site in Custer, SD.    We are headed to Sioux Falls for one night.   I have referred to my wonderful books of  “Off The Beaten Path” and “Most Scenic Drives.”  and there is a place called Wall Drugs.  It was opened in […]

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Awe Inspiring!

Just beautiful!   We rode up to Mt. Rushmore for the evening movie they offer about the creation of this amazing sight.   As you wind your way through the canyon, Mt. Rushmore comes up behind you.   You twist into a circular drive and there it its.   We arrived about 8:30 in the […]

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Biking Through Custer, SD

I am always amazed at the feeling of being on the motorcycle  on back roads.   You feel, see, and smell so much more than when you are riding in a car.   Winding through canyon roads, watching all the wonders of the area, and being able to stop on the side of the road […]

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South Dakota, Finally!

We made it safely to our first multi day stop.   Custer, South Dakota.   The trip was very wet as it rained on and off the entire way.   But at least it was much cooler.   The animals were getting a bit tired of all the driving and Khali came out from hiding […]

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Greetings from Wyoming!

Hi all,  it has been a busy two days.    We started off from St. George, Utah at 4am.   That appears to be the theme for us, get up before dawn and get on the road.   Actually, the biggest reason for the 4am was because of the heat.   92 degrees when we […]

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Yay!! The day has arrived!

You read that right! The day has arrived for the 2018 big summer trip for the Machin’s. We left home at 4am with Tiyger the dog and Khali the cat all tucked in their beds for the trip. Well, Tig was tucked, Khali was roaming. Putting Khali in AWANDER is always fun but this morning […]

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